Powerful seasonal system enters Nepal, such will be the weather today

Meteorologists said that a strong seasonal system of heavy snowfall and rainfall will enter Nepal today (wednesday).

According to the Meteorological Department, Wednesday evening the western low pressure system will enter the western region of the country. Due to this, there is a possibility of light rain and thunderstorms in some parts of the mountainous and mountainous regions, with slight change in the western region from tonight.

From tomorrow (Thursday), the impact is expected to spread across the country. The Department is releasing a special bulletin: It is requested to take necessary precautions as this system will remain in effect all over the country till Friday and there is possibility of rain and snow even on Friday.

According to the meteorologist, there is a possibility of light to moderate snowfall in many parts of the high and mountainous regions of the country, with moderate to heavy snowfall on Thursday and heavy snowfall in some places. There is also a possibility of light to moderate rainfall in some parts of the central and western hills and Terai and heavy rains in 5-7 places of the same terrain. Light rain / snow is likely in the eastern parts of the country with a slight change of partial to normal in the eastern parts of the country on Thursday.


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