Wordcamp in Pokhara 21 mangsir

WordPress Seminar ‘Word Camp Pokhara 2019’ is set to take place on mangsir 21 & 22. On the first day, the program will be held at the Hotel Pokhara Grand in Beiruta and the second day will be held at the Informatics College at Ranipauwa, said Pitam Bahadur Sen. On the first day of the two-day training program, there will be training and collective discussions by experts from different countries, experts in various fields of information technology.

The second day is Contribution Day, during which there will be workshops on language translation, theme reviews and support topics in different forms of WordPress.

The program will provide training to trainers from countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Japan, USA. 1500fee has been fixed for participating in the program. The fee is fixed for those who have registered within the next two days. Registration can be registered even after mangsir 30, but the charge will be Rs 2,000, said Pratima Coordinator Pratima Sharma.

During the training program, participants will be provided with food, food and T-shirts for the participants. It is estimated that more than 300 people will participate in the program costing around Rs. 10 lakhs. The program will benefit from direct interviews with people who are working professionally and willing to work in the company, students who are looking to build a future in information technology and working with WordPress.


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