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5 Mahrati of the National Flag along with Narayani river

The Gandhiki-Narayani protection will be extensively supplemented 3 mahaarati, which is being held in Narayani towards the Mahaarati Parivar. Today, organizing a press conference here today, it has been taking five continents daily, including national flags and eternal flag pujan for organizing it.

The Council has been constituting the committee on 6 o clock night in the Narayani river edges on the outskirts of Bishkek Jagran, Sanatan civilization, culture, tradition and Narayani river, with the purpose of environmental sanitation, conservation and development of sustainable tourism. This work will be done every day, since the day of the Great, it has been started to start the arrangement with a national flag lawfully.

Chairman of the council, Prem Nidy Kandel, informed that the Sri 1008 Swami Gyanandaand Saraswati Maharaj, the program of religious culture,3to4:30 oclock , will be celebrated for the upcoming hospitality on asaar 27 and 4:30 am to announce meetings and flag in the evening. He said that every akadashi mahadip would be used to sing a candlestick.


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