SEE opportunity date was passed (including table)

The National Examination Board has revised the SEE complementary examination schedule. Earlier, the Board, which will be held for the year 26 and 27, will now be held on September 5 to September.

The mandatory English, compulsory Nepali and compulsory Sanskrit language and literature will be examined on September 3rd. Nepal has been examined for examination of Nepali students for the students of Nepal. The revised schedule of the board will be conducted on mandatory mathematics and mandatory science on September 9.

On Monday, technical examination will be examined for Farm Managing and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repairs and Entertainment and Basic Music. Examination will be examined for compulsory health, population and environment education, compulsory Sanskrit language. On October 16, Acquisition and Fiseries, Electrical Major and Instructor, Computer Network, Engineering Survey and Music of Nepal will be examined on the technical basis.

The examination is also scheduled on Saturday on Saturday. According to the Board, the Board will be examining mathematics based on all topics of the first and all technical issues. Examination has been set for the examinations of other subjects from September to September. The examination will be conducted from 8 am to 11pm. Student students who regularly get the grade below the ‘C’ or ‘C’ subject to the two subjects will be able to attend the complementary (grade increase) examination.

According to the board, the absent student may take advantage of the examination.

Examination table


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