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Appeal to the Dhurmus Suntali Foundation for Affiliate to Increase International Cricket Stadium

Gautam Buddha, who has been constructed at Chitwan, has appealed to the Dharmus Santali Foundation to speed up the work of the International Cricket Stadium. They have seen some problems in the past, but now they have to come and work immediately after everyone has prepared all the environment from the security to advance it.

The participants have appealed to the meeting of the construction committee completed on Wednesday, on the occasion of construction of the building at 15 number of Bharatpur Metropolis. Representative member member Krishna bhakta Pokharel said that the help of Gautam Buddha is not only the International Cricket Stadium Chitwan, but it is a contribution to the nation’s glory. Everyone urged activists to proceed to the Smurfs Orange Foundation by requesting them to actively move from their place.

Rajya Sabha member Vijay Subedi said that it would be said that the demand for the Nepali people is a common demand. He urged the help committee to resolve the problem, saying that there will be problems everywhere. Chitwan said that the need to flow the message raised for the construction of the dungeon. The Bharatpur Metropolitan Police Division, Renu Dahal, says that there will be a stadium in Bandhan that no one should be left to leave the building.

Mayor Dahal urged all to help him, saying that Gautam Buddha is not only the Bharatpur International Cricket Board, but it is a celebration of the glory of Dash. He said that the Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality will have the necessary help from the Union, Territory and other local bodies, saying that the funds have already been disbursed. He said that the help of the people in the private sector’s playground is needed, adding that the Dharmus Santali Foundation should start working work and prevent the construction of the stadium due to lack of funds.

In the meeting held by the coordinator of the Basic Cooperation Committee Krishna Kumar Dallakot, the members of the state assembly members Ghanshyam Dahal, Krishna Bhurtel, Federation of Nepal Industry Commerce Dr. Tilchandra Bhattarai, Chairman of Industry Commerce Association, Sahan Lalal Pradhan, senior vice president of Chitwan Industry Association, Raju Poudel were also the participants. The meeting has decided to launch the Foundation to return to work.


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