Adorable Tilicho lake

The Tilicho lake in the highest position of Nepal is located at the height of four thousand nine hundred meters from the sea surface. Around the lake, Muktinath, Tilicho Himal, Nilgiri Snowshops have made the lake attractive and attractive.

Tilicho lake is about 45 km away from Upper Manang. From Kathmandu to Banshahar, Lamung can be used to drive to Khangaram of Manang. Due to the risk of leakage due to reaching Khangaras in one day, it is better to reach Khangaras on the 4th day of the Passoon and Manang walking from Kathmandu.

Tilicho Base Base can be reached on the fifth day of the bamboo in Khangharar and after about eight hours walking distance from Srikhark and Srikhark. After three years’ break from the base camp, Tilicho lake can be reached on the sixth day.

The path to reaching the lake is agile and hard, even after reaching the lake, all the pains are forgotten. The beautiful scenery of the Safa Kanchan blue lake overlooks all the fatigue in the surrounding mountains and deserts. When listening to the parable of heaven, perhaps it might be imagined that heaven would be like this. Luz and tea shops are found to sit in the street on the way. However, at the time of tourist season, Khangaras and base camps may sometimes have to sleep at the dining room.

From Tilicho base camp, observing the Tilicho lake and residing can be resorted to the same camping camp or Sriakhark. On the other hand, after two-hour walks of the morning, the jeep can be returned from Bansasi to the same day. Indigenous tourists have been forced to visit Tilicho lake in recent days. The number of tourists has increased due to the traditionally established routes of the road, making short and comfortable routes.


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