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220 kg of Weed recovered in Chitwan

Chitwan Police has recovered 220 kg of Weed. Chief Police Inspector Basanta Acharya of the Area Police Office Bhandara, informed that the vehicle was recovered from the police station Bhandara on June 3 at Bhawanipur, Rapti Municipal-4 of eastern Chitwan at the  while the load was loaded in Na.4kha 2295 tipper. 

Acharya said that the village, tipers and driver were recovered from the District Police Office Chitwan. Area Police Office Bhandara has continued the campaign against village smugglers. According to the police, inspector Acharya informed that 400 kg of  Weed recovered from different parts of Nepal till April,

According to Acharya, there are more hideouts and trafficking hidden in the wilderness in the border of Dhading and Makwanpur. Inspector Acharya said that in the case of widespread lack of police, the smugglers will be able to make them singing. The police have intensified the campaign to search for the villagers who had to live and hide hideouts.


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