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Summer of Chitwan is forgetting and burning

फाइल फोटो

Rabina Poudel, Chitwan.

There is a crowd of people who observe long walks of water in the waterfall, to forget the heat of Krishna. This waterfall, which is 29 miles from Narayanagadh, is about 7 miles away from Moglin, due to the increase in the distance of the main road. Desire village 6 is situated at the waterfall after a kilometer walk from Zalvare road to the banks of the Jabalpur Temple.

Chitwan resident Vikas Gurung is said to be suitable for all summer cholera and tension and fatigue. Gurung said that in the small pond of the waterfall of the Chitwan, the unforgettable joy of the coolness of Nawahauda and the touch of the cool air. Tourist traffic has increased in the summer due to the start of summer yam. According to the Tourism Development Committee, a long waterfall, which has come to the tourist every 100 days in the waterfall. During the weekend and other leave, tourists will have a huge arc.

Overview of Haryali mountain ranges and rifting of ‘Canoning’, ‘Climbing’, ‘Swimming’, ‘Sliding’, ‘Jumping’ and ‘Hiking’, Homestay of Yakang Jungung Village, Gurung Samurai culture, local food depot, Narayani river There are attractions.


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