Airlines can not be given a single penny: Prime Minister

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that in the situation, Nepal Air Force Corporation will not pay a penny. Prime Minister Oli also explained that the Government’s confidence in management of the Nepal Air Force Corporation, which is at 37 billion loss is not the same. In a program held in Kathmandu on Monday, he said that the government would be forced to seek strategic partners for its operation, if the immediate improvement in the overall work of the Nepal Air Force Corporation.

“The immediate improvement in the management and operation of the corporation had to come to an instant correction, not the government will be forced to find strategic partners,” Prime Minister Oli’s Nepal Air Service Corporation had questions, “Why can the corporation not run a plane that can operate by private sector?”

Prime Minister Oli also objected to the failure of the Widebird aircraft to search for the destination. He expressed his concern over the government’s corporation but the corporation could not operate the aircraft. Prime Minister Oli also cautioned the aircraft to keep tight airplanes while talking to European countries to fly the corporation plane.

Prime Minister Oli’s disappointment for the airline to fly only to the airport. He also warned the management of the corporation to work with a clear plan of air operations. Prime Minister Oli also gave the necessary budget to the Corporation, but it should also improve the management for that.


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