Savitri murder case: – Attachment of a daughter in mother’s murder

The daughter-in-law of Savitri Bhattarai, who was in Changunarai of Bhaktapur, has got attached to her daughter. Metropolitan Police Crime Superintendent has conferred a press conference on Monday (Monday), and accused his wife, 25, along with Ashwari Bhattarai, four accused. The other three accused were 40 houses of Kalyanpur Municipality of Siraha and have lived old Bhimmi of Bhaktapur, 23, Mohammad Nausadas, Bhola Kumar, 24, and Arun Kumar, 24, of India, and 24-year-old Mohammad Rahis.

Police claim that the daughter of Nausad Bhattarai, Ishwari is the boy. Nine months ago, 9 months ago came from foreign employment. Savitri’s financial support has been said to be abroad.According to the initial investigation of the police, the daughter-in-law was murdered by godly daughter-in-law due to love and money.

After finding out about the relationship with Naasad, the father of the Indian Police, police, has shown that the daughter-in-law of the father of the Indian national, who was admitted to the daughter of goddess Mohammad Nausadad after consulting her boyfriend, was willing to give 12 lakh suits to her mother. 60-year-old Savitri Bhattarai of Bandaguan, who was living in the house of 7 Electrical Training Center, belonging to the daughter of Chunarayana Municipality of Bhaktapur, was found inside the Sunday room.


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