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Extreme air travel destroyed the environment

A decade’s flight in the world has become very cheap. Due to which many people have started flying. But it has become increasingly concerned about the environment affecting the world. For the purpose of reducing it, one of Germany’s companies has encouraged their employees to fly as far as possible.

While traveling too much, it does not necessarily be considered to affect the environment. Airplane tickets are provided on the basis of carbon emissions and carbon footprint, but there is no need to read and understand it.

A company in Berlin, Germany, has a good way out. The company named Weberwirtsoft has abolished a policy for its employees- If a staff does not travel in a year or so in a year, they get three separate leave days. Usually a day will get 30 days a year in Germany. According to that, the company is increasing ten percent by the time of departure.

CEO of the company, Daya Beiayle told the news agency about AFP, “Everybody knows, air travel destroys the environment.” He has stopped going to Hawaii himself. Sometimes she travels to the train while going for a vacation.

This is a start of Berlin’s company. Where there are 10 female employees. The company’s CEO says about this, ‘This policy should be taken as a symbol. Because such a few employees can not protect the environment if not traveling, but this can be a world-education. ‘ Looking at this, gradually, other companies around the world expect that they begin to embark on this approach.


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