A Asian goalkeeper conference will be held at Chitwan University of Agriculture and Forestry

A regional regional goalkeeper conference will be held at University of Agriculture and Forestry University of Chitwan. Successful scientists and researchers will be participating in the conference in 14 countries to provide specific contributions to the field of goat research and development. Faculty of Dynasty, University of Universal Animal Sciences, Veterinary and Fishery Faculty, will be conferred in the multipurpose building of the university from December 1 to the next. Shareda Shalaliya informed the press conference.

Speaking at the conference, Bachra specialists, experts working in animal fields, entrepreneurs and peasants participated in the conference, including Nepal, India, Pakistan, China, Cuba, USA, Canada, Italy, Japan, Hungary, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya and Kenya. Will attend.

In a four-day conference, the work of food and nutrition will be presented on the issue of goat, goat production policy, social economic and value chain and development, goat’s diet, nutrition and habitat management, genetics, breeding and biological technologies.

Similarly, a total of 115 specialists related to health management and disease control, bakarajan production processing techniques, 21 invitees, 35 verbal and 52 more posters, will present more than 115 worksheet. Deshban Bhattarai gave the information.

The conference will be discussed among the various issues related to PPR disease and its control as a worldwide challenge for unemployment business. Bhattarai said. Dr. Bachra, President of International Conference Weather Miller, chairman of the organizing committee of the International Bakakhra Convention Conference 2020, will be held in Hungary next year. Sandor Kukoviks, Heavy Agricultural University of China, Pain.Yingjiang Zhang, China’s Mizo University. Yoshihiaki will be an affiliate partner including the Messiah.

The conference will be held with the basic slogan of Bachpaanpana for the sake of food and nutrition protection in the developing world. The program coordinator for the long-term objectives of the National Science Research and Sample Center of Scientific Bachelor of Science in the University of Agriculture and Forestry, Chitwan. Sharda Thapaliya informed.


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